18-Jan-2019Greenville, WI+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
Used for two weeks! Let my $130 mistake be your gain! All included: 10 Gallon Glass Aquarium Good with LED Internal Filter Air pump Gravel Mag-Float cleaner API Quick Start API Gold Fish Pellets Jungle Start Right Gravel Decor (Elephant, Pagoda, Buda with tree, plants.
Twenty (20) gallon fresh water glass aquarium with stand. This is a great starter aquarium for kids and adults or it would make a nice addition to a classroom. Included are filters, tubing, heater, two fish nets, siphon, whisper motor, extra charcoal filters (unopened), algae tablets, plastic plants, gravel (orange, black, brown, blue in separate bags), plastic "cave" pieces, a treasure chest a...
Stacking toy, Fisher price singing/ light up aquarium with sea creatures, B Toys maracas, o-balls, toy hammer, monkey on a link (pull the string & it vibrates) & plush sports dog
30-Dec-2018Menasha, WI+19 milesPet Fish for Sale
Led light w/interchangeable shield whisper filtration u need to get filter cartridge at pet store has drawer on front bottom aquasafe conditioner n a topfin aquarium air pump can hold alot of fish or turtles